Name: Veronica
Summoner Name: PrettyFufu
Age: 23
Main: AP Mid
Secondary: Support

Name: Steve
Summoner Name: LightFufu
Age: 24
Main: Solo Top
Secondary: Jungle

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My whole team and the other team just disconnected…this happen to anyone else?

Happened to me once too. But our team manually reconnected while their team just sat around waiting for it to auto reconnect, so it was a 5v0 game. They came back just in time to see us destroy their nexus under 12 mins :p


*Brian Bentley, 49, doesn’t agree with what Christopher Dorner — the ex-cop at center of a massive manhunt for the killings of three people—has done, but he certainly understands it.

As a former LAPD officer, Bentley, who is now an author, says that a Dorner-like situation was just a matter of time.

“It took longer than I thought it would for something like this to happen.”


His Story: Ex-LA Cop Brian Bentley on Dorner Manifesto: ‘Not Only do I Believe it, but I Lived it’ | EURweb


anyone can use

no credit or anything really needed

but can if you want


Very awesome and professionally done! Please take a look!